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You can find out more about what our staff and customers are getting up to out of the gym, they give us an insight into what they are doing or an opportunity to join in!

Also, to give you our thoughts on any new gym crazes and hints/ tips for yourselves to
use in the gym.


Running and Triathlon Events with Genesis

A number of members are interested in entering 10k races as well as Half Marathons in the coming months. I have listed them below. Please let Philippa know if you are interested in entering any of them.

1. Corsham 10k - 19th April


2.  Genesis 5k Time Trial - 16th May

Lots of Members will be taking part. Sign up on the homepage!

3. Chippenham Specsavers longest day 10k - 24th June

The route is a mixture of quiet lanes and is a flat course.



Genesis Questionnaire Feedback 


Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete one of our Members Questionnaires back in April.


We had 54 responses and lots of lovely positive comments about the quality of our staff. Overall most respondents liked what we did and what we did worked for them - and long may that continue. 


Much of the information and statistics will be used to help plan the future of your gym. Some of you may find it interesting are that 32% of our members are between 46–55 and 48% between 56-75. 40% of you live within 1 mile of Genesis and 44% of members have been so for more than 5 years.


Some of the things that you highlighted to us have been put into action already. We have pumped up the Physio balls and put instructions on the rowing machine.  We now have an online music streaming system, so no more annoying adverts. Nathan has a new feather duster that he is promising to wield a little more often and a programme of re-painting the interior is underway.


Also, from your feedback, we have started our Running and Walking classes on a trial basis and so far they have met with a very positive response. One of the most often mentioned area for improvement was the changing rooms. We have a new floor in the Mens and are currently looking at plans to completely revamp the Ladies. We may even end up with more Locker Keys or even pins, you never know!


MONDAY 10/6/13

A walk around Newton St Loe turned out to be a lovely day with the Sun making an appearance and staying.  After the walk, most of the guys that went then finished at the Globe pub for a meal together.  A couple of photos below.

If you would like to know more about our regular walks (we do cycle rides too), then please do get in touch and we'll gladly tell you when the next event is happening.


So how did you keep fit for your half term …

Well, once again my partner and I completed another section of our tour of England and Scotland from Land’s End to John O’Groats.  We began our journey in 2011, cycling from Land’s End to Bradford on Avon and last year travelled from BoA to Chester. This year’s leg started from Chester and ended in Carlisle, taking us 225 miles and four days to finish.

So what did we need in order to achieve this?  Well first of all we are not superfit, unbelievable as it may seem, but merely people who have trained, planned, studied maps, phoned up B&Bs, figured and refigured routes … and the list goes on!

You can very much liken this journey, to a well-balanced fitness and goal setting program in the gym. For the purposes of time saving, I will explain what I did to help me achieve this short term goal.

For two months before the cycle ride, I knew the distances required each day and the type of terrain I would be setting up our journey with. So, what type of training was needed?

The obvious answer is plenty of cycling. Fine if you have a body that accepts all the rigours of uphill, downhill, miles of flat terrain, saddle soreness, with ideal weathers!  I don’t know about you, but I’m no Bradley Wiggins! I know that without the appropriate training, I wouldn’t be able to finish this journey.  Without sometime in the gym, honing the areas that require support and polishing off my stamina with good all round cardio, I would struggle!

The basis of all training routines, in my opinion, is having a good core. This is central (if you’ll excuse the pun!) to any good program, as without a good core you cannot possibly sustain any activity. So fundamental to my program was a mixture of balance, stability, isometric and functional core work. All these are needed to act as a base from which the rest of the body can benefit.

Next, the limbs need to be considered.  Separately and specifically, the upper body and legs require a workout with strength training. Without doubt this is as important as the core: your body must be able to withstand the rigours of the ride. When climbing up a steep hill for example, your initial inclination is to change gear and stand in the saddle. You must then sustain this demand on your body in order to complete the climb. However as the climb starts to take its toll, your second response is to use your upper body as well as your core as well as the power in your legs. Now with this comes a larger demand from your heart which is frantically trying to spread oxygenated blood throughout the body, bringing with it a vital supply of energy.  As you complete the climb and the ground begins to level off, the requirement from your body is lessened and your heart rate returns to a lower level. Phew! And this is just the start of the journey!

So you see, with good planning, the right type of training and a sense of adventure, you too can achieve your goals.

Happy training everyone!






Try some of these as a light breakfast or great recovery option post high intensity workout:

Summer Fruit Smoothie:

(serves 2)
5 raspberries
5 strawberries
2 tbsp redcurrants
2 tbsp 0% Greek style yoghurt
1 handful ice
150ml skimmed milk
Place all ingredients in blender and
pulse until smooth.
Pour into glasses and serve

Cranberry and Mango Smoothie:

(serves 2)
1 ripe mango
250ml cranberry juice
125g low fat natural yoghurt
Peel and roughly chop mango.

Put into a blender with cranberry juice.
Blend for 1 minute.

Add yoghurt and blend until smooth.

Berry Banana Smoothie:

(serves 1)
1 small banana
125g low fat natural yoghurt
100ml skimmed milk
100g fresh or frozen mixed berries

Throw all ingredients into a blender and whizz until smooth




Take a mix bag of salad leaves, add grated carrots, beetroot, chunks of cucumber, cherry tomatoes and sliced avocado, chopped coriander and throw into a bowl.

Mean time  bake 1-2 sweet potato and some chicken breasts. Once cooked chop the chicken into small pieces and slice the sweet potato, keep the skin on for added fibre and nutrients. Add both to the above. Add a generous splash of balsamic vinegar and serve with houmus.

This is a great nutrient packed supper for a summer evening, full of slow release carbohydrate and lean protein; antioxidants from the cherry toms, carrots and coriander, nitrates from the beetroot and essential fatty acids from the avocado the perfect post workout replacement meal!

You can replace the chicken with salmon steaks or even smoked tofu.

Why Participate in a fitness class?


  • Attending a fitness class gets you up off the sofa and out of your home, and is great for meeting other people within the gym.
  • You are more likely to have fun exercising in a group than working out on your own.
  • Our classes are a great place to meet people who have similar lifestyle goals and needs.
  • Make friends, have adult conversations and discover solutions to problems as you talk with other participants before and after class.


  • Participating in a class challenges you to work out beyond your perceived limitations. The instructor observes your body for signs of fatigue and pushes you to your limits.
  • You are likely to work out harder, as everyone is exercising toward the same goal, than you would on your own.

Physical Benefits

  • Fitness classes are available in a variety of workout styles. If your goals are cardiovascular improvement and weight loss, select aerobic-based classes such as Spinning, Circuits or Boxercise.
  • Circuits and Boxercise are also great for Weight Training, muscular endurance and strength.
  • If flexibility is your goal, a stretching or yoga class is a nice option.
  • Pilates offers a great core workout that you might not necessarily do on your own.


  • In a group setting, if you are not able to turn up then the other attendees within the group will ask where you are as well as the trainer.  This helps to keep you coming due to the care you receive from the friends you have made by attending the class in the first place!
  • If you pay or pre pay for your classes, then you feel more inclined to go along as you wouldn’t want to waste your money.


Why not give them a go or speak to one of our trainers on what might be a suitable class for you to try?  Pick up a timetable from Reception to find out more on times and cost.  Alternatively, see


Ever wondered why when you do the Leg Extension and Leg Curl, it is easier on the Leg Curl? That's because the normal quadriceps/hamstrings ratio is 40:60 Loss of the normal ratio may be due to excessive development of the quadriceps, or due to existing weakness of the hamstrings. A normal ratio is essential to prevent imbalances from occurring causing injury.

So when you are doing the Leg Extension on 50lb, do the Leg Curl on 60lb.


Fancy Cycling in Europe?

Arth's summer holiday bike ride 1st – 11th August

So, what did you do this summer?

Well, my partner and I decided to cycle on the safe, clear and straight forward roads of France and delight at the straight forward, no nonsense bike paths that are available in plentiful spray across the French countryside………

Riding in France is probably the best bike routes you will find in Europe. It is family friendly and the whole of France is at your disposal to assist and ensure your eventual destination. This is true. But not all the time!

We arrived in Paris by car with our bikes on board. We had decided that a challenge was needed for this summer, one that would please all our senses and one which would give us a physical challenge that would leave us satisfied, but not wrecked.

We stayed in Paris for 3 days to help relax us into holiday mode, satisfied that our journey was as well researched as it could be. We had bought our maps, (IGN series) and we had looked on the internet for our routes to confirm that they actually existed. Above all, we had wanted to try out the Eurovelo route which starts on the northern tip of Scotland and ends in Malta. This was going to be an exciting journey and we couldn’t wait to get started.

We left our base in good time, confident that the Parisian traffic would allow us to move free of traffic and with confidence that we would reach the station in good time to catch our train with our bikes to Strasbourg to begin our journey.

Tip number 1

Always leave in plenty of time to ensure you arrive at your destination with time to spare!

The Parisian traffic was awful. There seemed to be an invasion of moles. The whole of Paris was either being dug up or was in the process of being dug up. C’est impossible!

We missed our train and had to buy another train ticket at the Gare. Oh well, these things happen. It happens to people all over the world. That gave us a little bit of comfort, but it didn’t hide the fact that we were disappointed.

We arrived in Strasbourg in little over 2 hours and our first target for this day was to ride to the beautiful town of Colmar where we had booked a Hotel for the night. (We generally used hotels as they all had the mod cons, great showers and food if you arrived late. Although we are not averse to ‘roughing it’ with sleeping bags and tents, after a weary day of cycling, the last thing we wanted to do was to set up tents and organise meals!)

All we had to do was to find the right way out of this beautiful city.

Hmmm…….. The great European cycling capital city seemed to be lacking in the crucial thing for a cyclist that would be of great assistance - SIGNS! We just needed to know the right direction. Ok, maybe we were delirious with excitement and were not able to focus, but there had to be a cycle sign that simply said, “This way out of our wonderful city with your wonderful bikes”.

Eventually after an hour and a half, we gave up. We just simply could not find our way out of the city. We had lost our hotel booking in Colmar and decided to stay for the first night and then tomorrow morning we would go down to the Tourist information and ease our way out of town.

Tip number 2

When doing your research into the towns you would be staying in, make sure you have done your research to find your way out. Signs may or may not be around to assist you!

We left the Hotel fairly early in the morning to find the tourist information office. They gave us a plan of the city and directed us towards the right route. We finally found the sign for the cycle route and felt rest assured. We had concluded that the events of the day before had been, well, just a bad day. Maybe we just missed the signs?

We turned immediately onto the cycle track and started to make our way towards Colmar and then onto our ultimate goal of the city of Mulhouse (pronounced ‘Muloose’ in French).

The best thing about cycle touring are the views, people, the food and of course the relaxation. Yes, relaxation. Believe it or believe it not, cycle touring is about taking your time. Some people will do about 30-40 miles a day, while others will do whatever they feel is appropriate to their fitness levels. We did meet one gentleman from London who was taking 2 months to travel around Europe! He expected to cover about 7000 miles of biking in that time.

The next 3 days of cycling were fairly straight forward. We had managed to find a good stretch of the French Eurovelo route, which, when signposted properly, was absolutely fantastic. This, to me, is how touring should be, good signs, and a clear direction that is easily followed and great scenery to appreciate.

In the 3 days of travelling we had achieved about 200 miles, which probably sounds a lot, bearing in mind that we were carrying our own panniers, but taken at a leisurely pace, felt like a mild effort. We were sleeping very well, we were waking up to uninterrupted sunshine and above all we felt fantastic and privileged to be enjoying ourselves in such wonderful scenery and surroundings.

Tip number 3

Always expect the unexpected. No matter how much you prepare, there will always be those niggly things that just appear.

We were feeling more settled by day 6. Our saddle soreness had not got any worse, (good bottom cream was absolutely essential) and our legs were feeling strong. We were starting to feel we were making progress and apart from a change of pedal on my partners’ bike, mechanically we were also looking good. So what could possibly go wrong on such a straight forward, well signed route?

Our destination for this section should have been Avignon. As usual, signs were against us and we were finding the towns in particular, quite difficult to navigate. As with numerous occasions on our trip we found ourselves at a junction with no particular way to turn because of the lack of signs. Somehow we had just managed to follow a bogus sign which we were led to believe would send us in a favourable direction and lead us to Avignon, but in actual fact led us about 6 miles further away from our goal! Blast! Flip! Heck!

“Okay”, I thought to myself,” let’s turn around and back track and find route B”.

Damn, this can be frustrating at times. But hey, we were still on holiday and this was just another little set back and besides, we were still enjoying ourselves! Yes, of course we were……….

We found that time was against us, so we settled for a little known town called Orange. We arrived just as darkness fell after riding our longest day. We had done 95 miles in 13 hours. We were admittedly a little tired, hungry, and thirsty, bum sore and a little sunburnt. The temperature for this day was approaching 40 degrees!

Fortunately for us we didn’t have to go far until we found a hotel. We booked in and didn’t even have time to shower. We went straight into the town centre and the whole place seemed alive with music, eating and entertainment. This innocuous little town had all of a sudden become a hive of activity!

After a fantastic meal, adequate fluids and a shower. We retired tired, but contented with our days efforts.

We awoke bright and early, feeling a little fatigued from last night’s efforts, but nonetheless feeling well refreshed and raring to go. As we left, we were told by the hotel management to look at their wonderful sights. Now, we had never heard of Orange before our journey and never really did any research on this town, but it was an absolute tourist’s gem. Apart from their own ‘Arc de Triomphe’, they also had an amphitheatre and other Roman remains! Now this is what we were after. Anyway, not to be too distracted from our events list for the day, today, at some point, we were going to see the Mediterranean!

From Orange we headed towards yesterday’s goal of Avignon and then on towards today’s destination of Montpellier. This was going to be another 90 miler at least. We set off at great pace, even finding our way out of the town quite quickly.

We arrived at Avignon by lunchtime and decided to take a little look around and eat our lunch. When touring, you can take your time or you can go full steam ahead. Today, we both felt we had time on our side and decided to look at the sights. We had visited the bridge from the French song, the old Popes Palace and walked around the walls of the old, fortified city. What a joy and pleasure this was.

Now, sometimes on a tour, people feel so relaxed, that they would almost, just like to sit still and just, well, just people watch. The fatigue was just beginning to set in and it was so tempting to say, “Why don’t we just stay the night and relax?” Now I’m sure this would have been just the right thing to do, except….. We had to finish our tour. “Did Richard the Lionheart say that he wanted to stay overnight on any of his crusades? I didn’t think so. So, with water bottles full, body recharged and mind fixed, we were going to reach the Med. today!

We went through some lovely places and the Camargue region was no exception. This was our route through to the Med. As we approached Aigues Mortes, we could smell the salty air and just see sight of the sea. We were feeling quite chirpy and almost forgot our tiring muscles. Life is wonderful on occasions like these. No traffic, fellow cyclists being polite with Bonjours and Lorries who would slow down politely behind you, just to let you know they were there……….. then we hit the French holiday traffic!

The quietness of the air was quickly disrupted as we approached this small holiday resort. Looking at the faces in the cars, you would have been mistaken to believe that they were being forced into this holiday location. Hot, sweaty, sleeping passengers. Cars that crept forwarded seemingly an inch at a time. Fumes that were starting to irritate our lungs. Oh well, passing these cars gave us a great feeling of road superiority reversal. It was the cyclists turn to speed past the traffic. What a feeling! We almost felt sorry for the holiday makers. Another advantage to cycling I suppose.

Going through this seaside resort on bike seemed rather strange. Although there was plenty of traffic, it was mainly the promenaders who were occupying the roads right next to the sea. I didn’t know about them, but for my partner and I, the mozzies were becoming a real problem, plus the fact that it was humid, in the 40’s and also the fact that it was getting dark and we still had not reached Montpellier!

 We didn’t really have a choice. We would have to reach our destination in the dark, something we had not bargained for. With mozzies sucking our blood and the humidity draining our bodies of precious fluids, we were really starting to feel the day and the efforts we gave the day before too. Hunger was another problem. Where we had been riding fairly hard, concentrating on the rapid arrival to the city, we had forgotten to store up at the last seaside town! Damn. And now, what made things worse, was the fact that we could not read our maps sufficiently enough to know where we had to go! Flip!!

Almost lost, rapidly going into dehydration, hot and sweaty, mozzies, hunger and a desperate situation. We needed to get to a hotel fast. Surely we could take the next one! Or the next one...or the next one…………….

We were just about to succumb to all the obstacles that were put down in front of us when…. by shear desperation……. we asked a man and his dog if he could possibly help two weary travellers seeking desperate refuge and comfort. Well, the instructions he gave us seemed dodgy to say the least, but in desperation we had to give this a decent throw of the good old fashion British dice!

Result!! A half an hour later we had found a great dodgy hotel with creaking floor boards and all, had a quick shower and ended up in a McDonalds as there wasn’t anything else left open.

95 miles and dehydration later, we had finally completed the longest day of our tour so far. Good night world. Over and out.

Tip Number 4

Food and liquid are vital in hot, humid conditions. On top of that your body accumulates tiredness. Make sure you stock up on fruit, nuts and dry biscuits, just in case you run out!

The next day the two of us felt a little tired, but we were both quite excited as this should have been our last day and Narbonne was only about 60 miles away.” Ha! Just a mere 6 hours to do, and then a relaxing few days! After all, what could go wrong now?”

“Are you sure the sign said this way?” my partner asked as we were going the wrong way up a very busy motorway.

Sometimes, life just carries you away, what can I say? The signs had stopped. It didn’t tell me to turn off anywhere. There were no more signs!! I should have known. Apart from my partner’s concerns, cars were honking at us to let us know what? Bon voyage? Bon chance? No, we were going the WRONG WAY!!!

Well, you can imagine my disappointment. There was me thinking what a great way to travel. How ingenious the French were for using the other side of the road………. We came to a quiet stop.

Ok. We got it wrong. What else was there to say? We had made it to the Med and we were still alive!

Tip number 5

When the velo signs tell you the direction, make sure you cross reference your map to see the eventual destination!

We turned back and made our way to the next safe turn off and scanned the map for escape routes.

Having gone through the seaside town of Sete, we arrived at the holiday resort of Agde, Again, a busy town, full of holiday makers. We decided to have a late lunch and consult the Tourist Information to ensure our best routes out of town.

Now… when there is a service on offer, you would hope that the information you were given would actually help you get to where you wanted to be, right…..

(A big sighhhhh……) Well, put it this way. We probably covered every exit of Agde and still hadn’t any joy. 2 hours later, we were still struggling to get out on the right road.

After going to tourist information, asking locals, asking anybody who could help us, we finally found our way out. It was such a hidden way through, we must have passed it twice without noticing it was there!

We were now extremely weary and the excitement of the holiday was wearing off a little bit. We admitted defeat against French beaurocracy, against the lack of signs, against lack of knowledge and finally against our tired bodies. Ok, we were having a fantastic time and now was the time to end it. “Let's catch the train back to Paris”. Now this sounded a good idea. All we had to do was to catch a train, put our bikes on and be back in Paris by midnight…………….

“I am sorry monsieur; there are no trains for today to Paris” Ok, not a problem. What about tomorrow? “Non Monsieur”.

In situations like these you are bound to think of a few things you could have done in preparation before the holiday.

“Ok, where can we get a train from to get us back to Paris?”. We didn’t have to wait for the answer. But he did suggest that we went to Beziers and maybe we would find the answer there.

On top of all this there was a festival going on and all the hotels were booked.

“Hotel Park bench for 2 please!!” my partner said.

Now I am normally an optimist and I wasn’t going to compromise this. “Right, settle yourself on this bench, but not for long. Prepare yourself for a move sometime soon”

“Where are you going?”

“Someone, somewhere, must have a room. I won’t be long”

This was not going to be easy. I quickly understood what the sign ‘Complet’ meant. But this wasn’t going to stop me…………….Half an hour later I stopped!

Right, a major festival was on. All the accommodation was taken up and there was a real possibility of us sleeping on Hotel Bench. With another big sigh I was thinking how disappointed I was starting to feel.

I started to cycle back to the train station, when I noticed a ‘Chambre D’hote’ sign. I had a weird sensation that was unusually warm, positive and right. Normal people would call this intuition. The sign would lead me out of town. This was going to be my last try. 10 minutes later I arrived at the place and in my bad French asked “Je voudrais un chambre pour le nuit s’il te plais”. Quick as a flash the lady of the house said, “Ah, you are English and very fortunate, we have just had a cancellation”. Flipping heck! What a result. “Yes, please”

Being a chivalrous and gallant person that I am, I rode to the train station and Hotel Bench and announced quite proudly, that the day had been saved and that no lady of mine would have to sleep on a bench.

After a quick meal, early to bed, our thoughts changed to Paris and getting home. We had had a great adventure and there was nothing wrong with finishing without our objective being achieved. So, no more problems then…………….

We awoke with a feeling of no pressure. We had a casual breakfast, chatted about what fun we had had and both agreed that this holiday would be a great source of great amusement and fondness at dinner parties.

We planned our route and found the canal Midi would take us straight into Beziers. 30 glorious miles, this seemed that the canal and its avenue of trees were leading us to some sort of triumphant homecoming. This is exactly how Caesar must have felt on his home coming back to Rome.

On the way, we were also planning the worst. What if we couldn’t get a train? Could we hire a car and drive? Could we fly back with our bikes? We both felt quite prepared for all eventualities.

We arrived at The Gare in Beziers and walked confidently to the ticket office.

“Two fares to Paris with velos s’il ve plais”

“Non monsieur, c’est ne pas train”

Hmmm” Ok, where can we hire a car?” There are no hire cars on a Monday”. Alright, “What about planes?”.

 “I think you will find there are no planes to Paris Monsieur.”

I didn’t think of the possibilities of being stuck in Beziers. I wasn’t upset, just disappointed. As we walked towards the boulangerie for a spot of lunch and a chance to gather our thoughts, a spot of inspiration came over me. I noticed the scary looking French SNCF police (They looked more like bodyguards with machine guns!)

“Right, I am going to stop those Policemen and let them know of our situation”

“What can they do, arrest the ticket office person?”

Right then, I didn’t care what the Police did with the Ticket person. I just needed this sorted out.

“Excuse me. We are in a terrible situation. We need your assistance”

“Bien Sur Monsieur, nous sommes a votre service”,

I explained to the Police about our terrible situation and how we could be stranded here unless we had some decent help.

They could see we were desperate people and were very kind.

“Come with us, we will assist you with your request”

My partner and the 3 burly Policemen walked back to the ticket person. I was quite intrigued. What could the police do that us tourists couldn’t?. Admittedly we didn’t have a machine gun, but I wanted to know ASAP.

One of the Policemen returned after 5 minutes.

“Monsieur, you must go back to the Ticket office, you must pay”

This sounded promising.

Somehow the Policemen must have spoken in a polite, but forceful way. We had got our ticket and our velos onto the train, somehow the ticket person had arranged for us to catch a train to Avignon in 1 hour’s time, where upon we would stay for the night (what a shame) and catch the train to Paris midday the next day. Result!

Question….Why didn’t the ticket person offer us an alternative route to Paris at the previous station?

France is a wonderful country and there are a lot of advantages to cycling and general holidays. The people are fantastic and there is a great sense of pride. I suppose we do meet difficult people as we travel through life, but in the main human beings are a great bunch, even better still when they are helpful in bad situations.

Would we do the journey again? We would say a resounding yes, but maybe be less ambitious and enjoy more 2 day stays.

Would you like to try some cycle touring for next summer?


If you would like more information please click here and let us know!








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