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Genesis Staff

We pride ourselves on the friendliness and quality of our staff.
We are skilled at creating programmes to progress and challenge you whatever your
starting point.

Genesis Lifestyle Staff

The Staff are what the business is all about, we recognise the need for quality care and instruction. For some it will be putting you at ease on your first few visits. For others using our programming skill to take your fitness to another level. We train clients for 5k 10k half marathons and marathons as well as dealing with older clients or those with rehab needs.

The qualifications of our staff range from fitness instructors qualification to Degree level and Masters Degree in Health and Exercise Science. Most have additional qualifications in a particular area of interest.
Ie Cardiac Rehabilitation, Nutrition, GP Referral and Cancer Care.

Philippa Spruit Arthur Perdichia Simon Goater
Philippa Spruit Arthur Perdicchia Martin Fletcher Simon Goater
Tim Jones Jo Thompson Derek Kemp

Tim Jones

Jo Thompson Derek Kemp Bryony Miles
Renee McGregor : Nutritionalist/Fitness Instructor   Louisa Budd  
Renee McGregor
Sports Nutritionist and Dietitian
Kate Cornish
Massage therapist

Louisa Budd

Creche Nanny


Philippa Spruit - Founder of Genesis

Philippa Spruit

I feel that the key to maintaining an exercise routine is firstly finding something that you are motivated to do and then enlisting the support of friends, family, a personal trainer or someone who will encourage and support you when you just don't feel like doing it.

Background: Philippa's passion for exercise started at school when she was involved in hockey and athletics. Combining absolute passion with a Degree in Sports Science and a Master's degree in Health & Exercise Science, Philippa has shaped her career. Managing clubs in the fitness industry since 1990, her focus has always been on the people & their struggle to find motivation, especially when illness or injury restricts what they can do. As a mother of three, Philippa especially understands pre & post-natal exercise.

Lifestyle: Philippa now focuses on middle distance and fell running and triathlons, and has represented the county at cross-country. Philippa also enjoys a variety of outdoor pursuits, camping, walking & swimming/cycling with her children.

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Tim Jones - Founder of Genesis

Tim Jones

We all have the capacity to exercise, but is not always easy to "just do it". I'm lucky to have been a sporty person all my life. I love exercising, however I do have lazy tendencies. I understand how hard it can be to get motivated. It's so important to keep your body in good working order, especially the older we get. None of us want to take a cocktail of medicines in our old age. The gym is a great tool, it suits all ages and all exercise levels and most importantly, it really makes a difference.

Background: Sport Science Degree specialising in exercise for health with MBA in Business Management. After starting work in the leisure industry, Tim realised that there was a large segment of the population not catered for. Tim remains keen to promote a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle: Tim has played numerous sports all of his life ranging from hockey to sailing, his current passions being squash and tennis with a bit of windsurfing and skiing on the side. Keeping fit and active has always been a way of life for Tim.

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Arthur Perdicchia - Manager

Arthur Perdichia

Fitness has given me excellent health, high energy levels and a sense of well-being. Applying my success to the de-motivated also gives me a great sense of achievement. These people need the right kind of help and I know that Genesis is the perfect place for first-time exercisers.

Background: As a child, I wasn't exposed to modern-day gadgets such as CD's, TV's or radios. This gave me more time for tree climbing, river swimming & chasing cars! I was never still. Growing up, I became involved in sport and represented the county at youth-level cross country, athletics and football. Later, I represented the Army at football and cross country. My most memorable moment was as a fifteen year-old running in a national boys' cross country race, running against Steve Cram - I came 39th.

Lifestyle: I currently enjoy keeping fit, spending time with my children and going for long walks at weekends. Cooking is another passion, especially Italian food. I learned to cook traditional Italian recipes by watching my mother.

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Derek Kemp - Exercise Instructor

Derek Kemp

I went to school in Bath, the old City of Bath Boys' School, gaining 3 A levels. After that I trained at Loughborough College of Education as a PE teacher, gaining a Bachelor of Education Joint Honours degree, in Physical Education and Physical Science. I returned to Bath and then taught PE and Maths at King Edward's School in Bath for over twenty years. The pressures of being Director of Sport helped me to decide in 2005 that I needed a change in order to regain control of my lifestyle and reduce the stress in my life.

I trained with Premier Global International and gained a Diploma in Personal Training, which includes fitness instruction, personal training, nutrition, first aid and sports massage. I work as a Sports Masseur based at home but also do home visits. I have further qualifications in the use of therapeutic ultrasound and taping and strapping and recently qualified through the Wright Foundation to work with GP referral clients. As an extension from teaching I continue to work as an A level examiner and practical moderator for the AQA in Physical Education.


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Jo Thompson - Exercise Instructor

Jo Thompson

I have always loved a challenge and sporting challenges most of all.  Doing something new that gives a sense of well being and fulfilment is important in my life.  I try to live my the moto that today is a new day and anything can be achieved.  If I dwell on what I have not  done it stops me getting on with the things I need to do.  I love to see other people getting the reward from achieving their goals and the gym is the ideal place to see this happen.


Growing up in Yorkshire surrounded by the countryside we were always outside walking and running and cycling.  I played hockey and after doing Degree in Geography decided to do a PGCE In Physical Education.  In my early twenties I started to run doing the first Bath Half Marathon and the first Bath Triathlon.  I was inspired and started running seriously and progressed to get my first Great Britain vest for running at the age of 35.  I ran for Great Britain over various distances 5K  10K up to Half marathon on the road, track and cross country.  For me the goals were a great motivation – this is what kept me turning out each day to train.  I became a Personal trainer 5 years ago doing the OCR Level Three Personal Training at Bath College and came to work at Genesis very soon after.  I love working with the people who come to Genesis I get a great feeling seeing them reach their goals and finding and keeping the exercise habit.


With three sons nearly grown up  I am still out there running but have taken on the Challenge of the Marathon doing my first one in 2010 in Edinburgh in 3 hours 2 minutes and 45 seconds  and then in October 2010 did the Dublin Marathon in 2 hours 52 mins and 32 seconds which is the UK record for over 50s!  So whilst I still love having a goal to work towards I try and vary my exercise and do a lot of swimming and cycling as well.  As I get older I love being fit and able to do the things I want to do and still intend to be doing this for a long time to come.

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Simon Goater - Personal Trainer

Simon Goater

Since playing at the Bath tennis club and Saturday league football (thanks to many a lucozade sport!) in my teen years I have felt the benefits of regular exercise. Having been a fervent follower of rugby, football and cricket from a young age.

Despite enjoying sports it wasn't until a few years later when I took on the challenge of working out at a gym. The increase in my confidence and general positivity that resulted from my workouts developed into a desire to encourage others to take up exercise and gain the same rewards. In Genesis I found a gym that shared this aim– to do all in its power to provide a safe and unintimidating atmosphere for everyone who comes through its doors.

Between starting my own exercise journey and joining Genesis, I studied to become a Personal Trainer in Bath. This included barking at fellow trainees through varied, fast-paced circuit classes and studying aspects of Physiology to complete Levels 2 and 3 Fitness Instructing.


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Kate Cornish - Massage and Reflexology

Kate studied complementary therapies at the City of Bath College in 2003 and is ITEC and VTCT qualified. She is an established practitioner in Bath working with a wide range of conditions including muscular and connective tissue problems as well as offering stress management programmes to companies within the area.

She specializes, in particular, therapeutic massage – using deep tissue techniques alongside Swedish and some eastern techniques. She also uses 'No hands' massage which involves the use of the forearms instead of hands and wrists. This part of the arm covers a large surface area of the part being massaged and she is able to find particular areas of contracted, tight muscle which causes pain and discomfort. In chronic cases several treatments are necessary to re-educate muscles held in tension to encourage them to release and to remain relaxed.

During massage Kate also includes passive stretches so while the client remains relaxed, stretches to various parts of the body can be carried out
e.g. neck, shoulders, lower back and buttocks with no effort to the client but having a greater effect than if the client carried them out themselves.

To enhance the benefits of massage, Kate, as a qualified aroma therapist,
will blend essentials oils specifically for you helping to restore health and
well being.

Apart from various different types of massage, Kate is also qualified in Reflexology and Indian head massage. In addition Kate offers La Stone Therapy being a form of bodywork involving the use of warmed volcanic rocks and cooled marble stones applied to the body in various ways to bring relief to stiff sore muscles, resultin in the alleviation of chronic and acute problems.

In Kate's spare time, she likes to keep herself fit by lots of walking!


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Martin Fletcher - Assistant Manager

I moved to Bath in September 2015 after running my own Personal Training company in Devon for the past 5 years. I decided that after working for myself that I would once again like to be part of a team. Once I had heard a bit about Genesis I immediately felt that it was the right place to be to progress my career and challenge myself.

During my time as a fitness professional I have worked with many different people for many different reasons, most recently I partnered up with a Physiotherapist company where I worked closely with the practitioners to create re-habilitation programmes for patients. I found I learned a great deal working in the team and this was the catalyst for looking for a new adventure.

In my short time at Genesis I feel I have already made great relationships with my staffing team and the members of the centre and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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Bryony Miles- Personal Trainer

Information being updated.


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Renee McGregor - Nutritionalist/Fitness Instructor

Renee McGregor

I have been a HPC registered Dietitian since 1999 having qualified from Nottingham university with a BSc Hons degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition followed by a post graduate in Dietetics. This year I have also embarked on a postgraduate in applied sports nutrition at St. Mary's University, Twickenham, one of the 15 institute of sport centres in the country.

In the past, I have worked in a variety of clinical areas within the NHS, ranging from , oncology, allergies, weight management and children's nutrition. However since having my daughters, I have been more interested in health promotion and ensuring that the science of nutrition is made simple and available to everyone.
It has been a wonderful opportunity to work with Philippa and the team at Genesis to develop the nutritional services at the gym; we are the only Gym in Bath to have a registered Dietitian attached.

I have really enjoyed developing the brand "eat well feel fab" and providing a freelance nutritional service; these include weekly weight management group meetings, individual consultations and also being the nutritional influence in our Teen and Junior Genesis programmes. No faddy diets, just sensible dietary advice, practical sessions and recipe ideas.

I am actively involved with the healthy early years project run by BANES for all settings providing care to the under 5's. I am also the lead Dietitian at SWEDA, Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorders Association. I have contributed to several sports magazines, including Runner's world and I am the panel Dietitian for Cycling plus magazine. I have recently also been asked to work with some elite athletes which is a very exciting development.

I have always had a passion for fitness and sport, having been on hockey and netball teams at school and university. More recently I have become involved in running and I am usually training for some event, from half marathons to mountain marathons! This has fitted in well with my most recent role of a fully qualified fitness instructor.

My nutritional ethos is "everything in moderation". Whether working with children, recreational sports people, the elite athlete or people who are just a little concerned about their nutritional intake, my aim is that everyone learns how to "eat well and feel fab!"

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Louisa Budd - Creche Supervisor

Louisa Budd

Louisa's information is being updated.






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